BX for one of the world’s best airlines


One of the world’s most iconic airlines had a brand growth strategy and was embarking on a transformation of the customer experience. They wanted to generate rich experiential insights into how their brand values were substantiated by the customer experience (ie. Understand their BX in depth) across all parts of the airport journey, from check-in, through the lounge, boarding, on the flight and post flight.  HOB conducted 27 accompanied flights with customers across loyalty tiers and audited the CX through the lens of the desired brand values.


A rich ethnographic set of insights resulted in immediate “quick win” improvements to the brand experience, as well as longer term initiatives that have substantial emotional impact on flyers.  What was highlighted was not only the importance of thinking from a customer perspective to produce a seamless experience, but also the critical nature of tone of voice and language in POS materials and signage.  The holistic emotional journey was also mapped, showing how emotional service recovery can compensate in cases of disruption.